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Trish Van Eynde



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Trish’s production work dates from about 1999, when she worked on a bonus track for Fuse resident Pierre’s mix CD, and Re-Creation was born. That label’s second release, a package including a music video, had a huge impact in 2002. Trish teamed up with Sam Ostyn as Metro Unit in 2003: they’ve been working together ever since. Some of her other production work includes releases with Kobbe, two Chrome Resident EP’s, remixes for Praga Khan, Jivaro and Laurent Garnier and releases on Technasia’s MiniMaxima, FU..!, F-Com and MB Elektronics. In 2007 she launched Electric Art Recordings. Her music is true to the sound and spirit of Detroit techno: energetic, melodic and powerfully emotive.

Production work aside, Trish has built a reputation as a virtuoso in the mix both at her Electric Room parties at Fuse and and in clubs such as London’s Fabric, the End, Rex Paris, Tresor Berlin and at Detroit’s EDMF or I Love Techno and Tommorowland. With an extremely dynamic approach to DJing – she uses three decks – Trish combines her unrivalled musical knowledge and sublime technical expertise to create a superb and absolutely unique sonic experience. Trish’s performances are unscripted and unrehearsed. Be prepared to be transported from the dance floor to a world of pulsing, freeform, hi-tech sounds. Internationally acclaimed and respected, Trish Van Eynde remains uncompromisingly true to the music she loves as she utilises a broad spectrum of musical styles to create her own brand of techno: music for the third millennium.

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